Staying Innovative with ADT Home Automation and Security

March 18, 2021

Staying Innovative with Home Automation and Security

One of the pillars of our company culture is Innovation. This means trying new systems and programs and then experimenting with how to get the best value out of them. This means taking steps towards the future and constantly being on the hunt for where the path of technology is carving its way. And staying true to this mantra, our newest innovation is in the arena of comprehensive home automation.

Most people are familiar with basic Smart Home tech like Alexa, Siri and Google Home. However, outside of the sci-fi vibe we get from voicing commands to a computer, there is a serious untapped potential for the functionality of an automation system. And in the first quarter of 2021 this is where we have been placing our efforts. We are moving past Smart Tech being an audio activated light switch and heading towards truly beneficial systems that save us all stress and money in addition to the other features we enjoy.

The Setup

The first campaign to automate our communities has been with the ADT Smart Tech package for multifamily. Not only does this package provide the features residents enjoy like a security system and the ability to tie into the aforementioned home systems, but it also utilizes technology that reduces energy use, tracks performance anomalies and adds to the daily convenience of our residents’ and on- site teams’ lives.

Smart thermostats make sure energy isn’t being wasted. Automatically adjusting when you leave, sticking to a set schedule or heating up just before you get home are just some of the ways this can happen. Smart light switches turn off lights when you leave in a hurry or if you just forgot when you went into another room. The addition of Smart locks at your front door allows you to give controlled access to visitors, monitor all lock use and even unlock when you’re a certain distance from the door… That armload of groceries won’t be hanging you up at the home stretch anymore! The addition of the flood sensors in places where water damage is a risk is just one more way we mitigate and avoid costly repairs and with the option to monitor the performance of air conditioners in a similar fashion, our maintenance teams can get to a problem before it becomes a replacement and everyone is happier for it.

This Smart Tech package simplifies our busy lives, reduces our carbon footprint, and mitigates serious preventable damage.

The ADT Smart Tech package also provides residents with a convenient, easy-to-use app to control everything remotely and our on-site teams get the luxury of an oversite dashboard to keep it all organized and easy to access. Basically, this Smart Tech package simplifies our busy lives, reduces our carbon footprint, and mitigates serious preventable damage saving us on repair and replacement costs (not to mention the stress of dealing with these situations).

The Mantra

Being innovative means taking a leap into the pool when others are just dipping their toes but the payoffs are always worth it if you’re being bold with the purpose of improvement. This is the mantra we live by and we will continue to stake our innovation on meaningful, impactful purposes because to live with North Coast is to Live (innovatively) Well.