EV and Solar Energy

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  • Barham Villas is one of the first in-unit solar projects in the United States.

  • One in three of North Coast parking spots is electrified, with more on the way.

  • Over 30% of North Coast buildings will utilize solar power in 2024.

Social Impact

Neighborhood Support

North Coast supports neighborhoods through donation events, volunteer programs, and the promotion of local businesses. We have donated more than 49,000 lbs. in food and volunteered over 2,600 hours.

Curated Resident Events

Community engagement is an integral part of the human experience. To date, we have hosted over 550 resident events, tailored to the unique needs and interests of each community.

Green Living

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  • Amenities include thriving roof-top and community gardens.

  • On-site bee programs returned 182 lbs. of honey to residents just last year.

  • North Coast invests in high-yield, resource friendly hydroponic farm boxes.