The Lark and The Upland Win Top Honors in ORA Score Ranking

February 19, 2024

For the 2023 year, North Coast is proud to announce not only one property in the top 1% of performers, but two. This year The Lark and The Upland communities were both awarded this amazing accolade. And Lark was also able to secure the 2nd place spot in all of California!

To achieve JTurner’s Elite 1% designation, you have to score in the top 1% of the 140,000 communities participating. Read that one more time… 140,000 properties entered and both The Lark and Upland were able to take home the Elite 1% award. Needless to say, this is nothing short of remarkable and takes unrelenting dedication to caring about and for the residents that live in these communities.

Ruby Ramirez (Business Manager at The Lark) and Tara Stone (Business Manager at Upland) stand as the leaders of the charge and with heavy community engagement and a close cooperative relationship with their respective on-site teams. In short, they set the standard by which others are measured. Both are known for great community events, huge volunteer presence, and they consistently perform in every aspect of their jobs. North Coast couldn’t be luckier to have such amazing teams at their helm and the numbers speak for themselves.

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping online, watching a new movie, scouting travel locations, researching vehicle performance or any number of other things, checking customer reviews has become a quintessential part of moving throughout our world. It is no surprise that when you are dealing with someone’s home, online reputation becomes paramount. What else is more important than the space you choose to live in?

Industry familiar individuals will have heard of JTurner’s online reputation platform. For those unfamiliar, it’s a leading-edge platform that takes all online reviews of a community and draws them into its algorithm to populate the famous “ORA Score”. This includes any place online where you can leave a review and calculates, not only based on star ratings but recency, frequency, content, weighted platforms and more. The ORA Score has taken the industry by storm and serves not only as a marker on the pulse of resident experience but an important research tool for acquisitions and talent management. Essentially, the ORA Score is top dog when it comes to online reputation management.

North Coast has spent the last 3 years prioritizing both the resident and employee experience to curate the special atmosphere required for next-level customer service. Because of our on-site teams’ relentless dedication, we are proud to say our scores and standings are higher than ever.

As of today, the national average ORA score is 67 (out of 100) and North Coast Living sits and a hefty 83. In addition to being 17 points above the national average, we were also awarded top 24 management companies (out of 856) so our success with resident experience is tried and true.

Lark and Upland teams… You really are a priceless addition to our company and a paragon of the company culture we strive to produce. Fantastic work!