The Lark Wins Top Honors in ORA Score Ranking

October 3, 2022

We all know that a 5-star reputation is paramount in today’s age for any successful business. In fact, it’s statistically less likely for a property with 3-stars or less to even be considered in the initial stage of apartment hunting. So, it’s no surprise that we place a tremendous amount of energy into making sure that our online reputation matches the experience we are striving to provide to our residents. It’s for this reason that we partnered with J Turner Research and use their online reputation platform, ORA, to make sure we are consistently providing the best experience across the entire North Coast portfolio.

If you work for North Coast, you probably know exactly what an ORA score is. For those that don’t, it’s a detailed score calculated on the entirety of a property’s online reputation. It encompasses Google, Facebook, Yelp!, Apartment Ratings, and many other smaller online reputation sources. The ORA score is calculated by number of reviews, how recently they were posted, review scores, commonalities in the context of each review and so much more. Basically, the J Turner platform offers a complete view of what each of our sites (and our company as a whole) is putting out into the world-wide web.

With the national average ORA Score sitting at 67, it’s not hard to see that North Coast performs in the upper tier with a company average of 80. But even our full scope of accomplishments cannot adequately represent our consistently highest performing site, The Lark.

The Lark tied for the NUMBER ONE spot with their latest ORA Score of 99 (out of 100) in the most populous areas of all of California.

ORA Score One Percent Badge - Top Rated By Resident Reviews

The Lark is a 197-unit community located in San Mateo, CA. Their team is famous for insanely successful resident events with a hundred guests and a volunteer presence that far exceeds what our North Coast culture requires. They have a tight-knit team and perform at the top level across the board including financials and occupancy as well.

Their customer service is no exception to this top-level consistency and it shows in their ORA score. This year, The Lark tied for the NUMBER ONE spot with their latest ORA Score of 99 (out of 100) in the most populous areas of all of California. Let’s say that one more time…. ALL OF CALIFORNIA. Add in the fact that J Turner performed an algorithm change that dropped them 15 points just a year ago, and it’s easy to see that their progress has been nothing short of monumental.

Ruby Ramirez is at the helm of their team and has been our number one customer service expert for the entirety of her time with us. North Coast has even coined the term “The Ruby Effect” for when we take a negative situation and turn it around into a 5-star review (her specialty). But it doesn’t just stop at Ruby. The whole team is a cohesive unit, supporting each other, their residents and putting in the extra time to volunteer and collect donations to support their surrounding community. They even won our most recent summer food drive contest by collecting an astounding 2,640 pounds of food worth of donations. Just amazing!

That’s exactly why we wanted to take a moment to highlight this phenomenal team.The entire Lark team has been amazing straight out of the gate and they truly bring compassion, caring and trust to their residents and it shows. The result is landing at the very top of the most elite performers and we cannot stress enough how proud we are of their team and how thankful we are to have them as part of the North Coast family.

To the Lark team; Thanks for all you do, all of you are truly an invaluable asset to our company!